ATLAS Virtual Prototype
ATLAS Virtual Prototypes
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ATLAS detector detailed (Oct '97)
Full ATLAS detector detailed
Size: 250K triangles (good luck)

ATLAS animation: descent of a magnet (Oct '97)
ROBCAD animation showing the pivoting of magnets in the surface hall
Size: 16K triangles

ATLAS animation: inner calorimeter assembly (Nov '97)
CosmoWorlds animation showing the assembly of the Atlas Inner calorimeter
Size: 15K triangles

ATLAS full with pit (Apr '97)
Full ATLAS experimental area with pit and access shafts
Size: 102K triangles

ATLAS full without pit
Full ATLAS experimental area with control rooms
Size: 102K triangles

ATLAS experimental area
ATLAS experimental hall
Size: 40K triangles

ATLAS control area
ATLAS experimental hall
Size: 31K triangles

ATLAS civil engineering
ATLAS experimental hall
Size: 18K triangles

ATLAS detector kernel
ATLAS experimental hall
Size: 30K triangles

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