CMS Virtual Prototype
CMS Virtual Prototypes
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CMS animation: Lowbeta mechanism (Jan'98)
Animation showing opening and closing of a lowbeta. Click on several part to animate
Size: 11K triangles

CMS animation: Endcap open/close mechanism (Jan'98)
Animation showing opening and closing of endcaps. Click on endcap to animate each phase.
Size: 42K triangles

CMS animation: HF disassembly mechanism (Feb'98)
Animation showing HF disassembly phases. Click on different parts to animate.
Size: 80K triangles

CMS detector: functional protoype (Jan'98)
Virtual Prototype of the CMS detector Click on the individual parts to animate
Size: 200K triangles

CMS full experiment
Full experimental hall with pit and access shafts
Size: 173K triangles

CMS experimental hall
Experimental hall without pit
Size: 142K triangles

Detector barrels
All the detector layers
Size: 52K triangles

Bridge crane
Size: 12K triangles

Experimental hall mechanical infrastructure
Size: 68K triangles

Civil engineering
Experimental pit and access shafts
Size: 37K triangles

Surface site
A simple non-textured model of the surface buildings Size: 13K triangles

Last update: Nov '96

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