VENUS Technical notes VENUS
The VENUS pictures are in JPEG format. For best visual results, follow these instructions:

UNIX stations

If your pictures are fuzzy or the colour is wrong...

Should your xv not support these parameters, you should upgrade it to version 3.00 or later.

If your pictures are too bright or too dark...

...then probably the gamma of your screen is not properly adjusted. On a Unix station there are 3 things you can do to cure this problem:
  1. tune luminosity with the appropriate wheel on the screen (if it has one)
  2. calibrate your gamma as follows:
    • login as root
    • type "gamcal" and you will see a window with several layers of grey from left to right.
    • type "gamma 1.7" to set gamma value to 1.7, or higher values (max 20.0) until all levels of grey are well distinguished. For more info enter "man gamma".
  • reset the gamma value locally for the Mosaic browser. To do this, edit your .mailcap file and insert/replace the following lines:
          image/jpeg;    xv -visual truecolor -gamma n.m %s  (for 24-bit graphics)
          image/jpeg;    xv -perfect -8 -gamma n.m %s  (for 8-bit graphics)
    where 0.0 < n.m <= 20.0 (the higher, the brighter)

    If you want the pictures on paper... need to save the picture as a PostScript file and print it later. To do this you click the right mouse over the picture, in the xv control box you select Postscript and you choose "OK", then format the picture to your printer paper (eg. A4, Landscape, Maxpect, Center etc.) and finally "OK" again.


    If your pictures are fuzzy or the colour is wrong...

    check that the Monitors Control Panel is set to at least 256 colours. If you can't go that high, you are better off viewing the pictures in black&white.


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