EUCLID to Clovis using scripts:

!! Under construction !!

Recommended methodology:

  1. Create a new Project in EXPLORE.
  2. Export the .objfiles from EUCLID and put the desired set of files in ~graph4/model/$PROJ
  3. Run the command: obj2face {name-of-model}

    Repeat this excercise for all the models/directories with .obj files you have. (NB: several .obj files are concatenated to one model file.)

  4. Go to ANIM and create a basic script for the model.
  5. Run: f2clovis {name-of-script}

The model should now be ready for a first fly-through with Clovis. For further updates, use the makescript command.

Commands and scripts:

converts .obj files to EXPLORE face files which can be read by CLOVIS converters.
Converts face files to Clovis for uptates of geometry. (*not 1005 ready)
Edits and makes Clovis scripts after updates.

Manual (normal) conversion:

Simplest manual paths from a EUCLID database to a CLOVIS flythrough. (Description from Jim at Medialab.)

Here I'm using Project = JIM, Script = jim1. (A) No texture (B) Texture (A) ----------- NO TEXTURES ---------------------- 1) GEO: convert: Euclid -> Obj 2) GEO: correct syntax: Obj -> Obj 3) EXPLORE: 3Design: Rotate (so Y = up) Smooth / Hard Edges Write: FACE: On Unshare Edges On Obj -> Geo, Face 4) EXPLORE: Anim: Select World Read objects Save Script As: jim1 5) CLOVIS: cd ~/text/JIM mkdir -p mtr/INFO cd !$ 6) CLOVIS: SCexpl2mtr -P JIM -v -f jim1 (creates CLOVIS script, .FO geo files) 7) CLOVIS: SCmtruniv -P JIM -v -D jim1 (creates CLOVIS walkthrough) 8) CLOVIS: Edit the file 'jim1_univAuto.cod': Under the line 'configdebut:', add: 'WT_ElevFlSet (TRUE);' (lets you fly anywhere) 9) CLOVIS: godemo_jim1 (runs CLOVIS) Create Materials and link Objects. Create Lights. Select Config 'DEMO_jim1', and use keyboard to walkthrough. Save. (1) (2) (3) prepare the geo files. The FACE format is largely redundant in EXPLORE, and we are presently testing a version of SCexpl2mtr that directly accepts .Geo files. (4) is necessary as SCexpl2mtr accepts an EXPLORE script as input, even if all it contains is a list of objects. (8) will be probably added in the next version as a flag. (9): Once in CLOVIS, create all your cameras, lights, materials etc. NOTE: it is not possible in the present version to add textures (create texture co-ords) interactively. See (B). (B) ------------- TEXTURES ---------------------- Follow the steps in (A), inserting (5.1),(5.2) after (5), and replacing (6) with (6.1). 5.1) Create the .tex file in ~/text/PROJ/mtr/INFO. SCexpl2mtr uses this to create the texture co-ords. 5.2) Create the .mat and .rnd files in ~/surf/PROJ. SCexpl2mtr cannot load the texture co-ords into a .FO file if a material is not defined for the object. The .rnd file must have the same name as the Anim script. 6.1) CLOVIS: SCexpl2mtr -P JIM -v -f -T -t file.tex jim1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ More info in the User's Guide: Annexe A.

NjH May 1995