EUCLID to i3D via Wavefront

How to create a flythrough model for i3D

You can convert a directory with Wavefront files from EUCLID to a ready-to fly i3D scene file simply using the command euc2i3d .

euc2i3d is a script which calls i3d_convert to convert from Wavefront .obj to i3D format, calls the i3d_filter to smooth and create a "Box-level of detail" (Boxlod) on the models.

Command Sequence:

Notes and hints:

Commands and aliases:

Converts Wavefront .obj files in directory "name" to an optimized i3D model "name".3d
Changes colour (Material) in Wavefront files.
Converts .obj files to i3D
Used to smooth, split and boxlod .3d files
The i3D Interactive 3D Viewer

"Command -h" will usually give you help on that command. (eg: i3d -h )

How to update i3D models on the WWW server

You can refer to i3D files (.3d) through URL's just like any other file. Inside the the i3D files you can have references to other .3d files as well as any other information on the net.

Please consult the i3D Documentation and notably the description of the i3D file format for help on how to specify URL's, importing files etc.

To be continued...

NjH 9/2 1996