The Virtual Crane demo page


This is a VRML2 demo model for the Virtual Crane project proposal.

In order to view the demo, you need to install a VRML2 browser, such as Cosmoplayer . Alternatively, you can install Netscape 4.0, which includes Cosmoplayer as a plugin.

Once you've done that, click on "DEMO" below, which will start the Virtual Crane demo wihin your Netscape window.

First thing, enlarge your Netscape window until you see the remote control box on your left hand side. This box will travel with you as you navigate in the VR window. The crane controls are:

To grab an object, click on it. Grabbable objects are the big detector cylinder and the wooden box behind it. To increase the demo's performance, disable collision detection (right mouse menu in the 3D window). You can also toggle the visibilty of the transparent pit by clicking on the floor.

Select several viewpoints to watch the crane in operation. A particularly interesting one is the "Hook", which is bound to the hook and travels with it.

Best viewed with Netscape 2.0
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Last update June 19, 1997.