Virtual Crane demo (VRML2)

The Virtual Crane

Project proposal


Author: Silvano de Gennaro <>


This document proposes the developement of a web-based general purpose crane simulator within the contest of LHC design. Based upon technology similar to aircraft and vehicle simulators, the Virtual Crane would reproduce realistically the movements, operations and limits of the bridge cranes to be installed in the LHC premises. Using a hardware and/or software reproduction of the future control interfaces, the Virtual Crane operators would be able to interactively drive one or several Virtual Cranes simultaneously, moving objects in the LHC virtual prototypes, and simulating detector assembly phase by phase. These simulations, stored as VRML animations, can later be played back, modified, filmed from different viewpoints, and finally they may eventually be used to digitally control the real cranes during detector assembly.

This document consists of an introduction to simulator technology, followed by a thourough description of the Virtual Crane idea and its implementation phases, and concludes with the its possible future development in the domain of robotic control.


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